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Unlimited Mobile Text Messaging

  • 18-29 year old consumers use unlimited mobile text messaging more than voice to communicate.
  • On average 94% of text messages are read.
  • 80% of consumers keep their mobile with them all day.
  • When given a choice 39% of US consumers — 76 million people — prefer text messages to radio or TV advertising; however, only 3% of most marketing campaigns currently have a text component.

Texting (SMS) is just starting to become a viable option for U.S. churches and offers benefits that email does not. An organization that disregards Texting (SMS) could lose potential opportunities to stay connected through utilizing the technology. Unlimited mobile text messaging offers organizations personalization, relevancy, and immediacy with their communication campaigns. In addition, unlimited mobile text messaging allows for a two-way dialogue, making it possible for churches to gather important demographic and psychographic information from willing members and guests.

There are several reasons why unlimited mobile text message marketing offers advantages over email. Broadly, it’s all about the “psychology” of text messages. They reach people wherever they are, at any time of day or night. That gives it a sense of an intimate communication—“the message is right here in my pocket”—which can be further enhanced with a targeted campaign that appeals directly to the consumer.

Due to its very nature, text messaging is viewed with a sense of urgency to which email can’t compare. Mobile phones are with most people almost 24 hours a day, much more time than the average person spends in front of a computer.

Churches of all sizes can integrate unlimited mobile text messaging into their own communication strategies, if they have the right tools. The large church is likely has its own communications department or might have hired an outside marketing agency. Ideally, such departments or agencies should be savvy enough to know about the latest trends, opportunities, and technologies used in the communication industry.

All this, however, can be daunting for marketing experts who aren’t familiar with mobile communication. In addition, small to midsized  churches or ministries might not have the budget to hire experts for each step of the process. This is where ChurchText Pro comes in. ChurchText Pro is both affordable and easy to use. These solutions take care of all the different aspects of unlimited mobile text message marketing for the client. Moreover, such solutions let churches have full control over their campaigns and also help them develop databases for future communication.



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